French Pastries and Scandinavian Minimalism

We are so proud of our partnership with Oree, a café in the heart of Notting Hill. Amazed by their beautiful aesthetics we were more than happy to additionally enhance their interior with one of our most iconic Scandinavian dining pieces. Besides providing their customers with delicious meals we are thrilled for their comfortable and stylish dining experience. We believe that our partnership with Oree is a testament to the trust that our B2B clients have in our brand and our ability to elevate their businesses. We are excited to continue working with Oree and other businesses in the future.

Charm of Le Marais

We were thrilled to collaborate with Le Marais Bakery in San Francisco and enhance their interior with our Scandinavian furniture. Their unique blend of French pastries and Nordic design makes for a beautiful dining experience. In addition to their delicious menu, Le Marais also offers a spacious and inviting atmosphere, perfect for a coffee with friends or a business casual lunch with colleagues. Our favorite dish is the “Brunch for Two” which features farm eggs and smoked salmon. Stop by Le Marais Bakery and experience their fusion of French and Nordic charm.

Impress Your Customers

Your customers deserve the best possible dining experience. As time goes by more and more restaurants across the globe choose Scandinavian-based furniture as their main option, and for a good reason. Besides the obvious popularity of this style, Scandinavian design is simple and practical, which makes it seamlessly blend into all different kinds of interiors.

Choose The Right Seating Option

As a catering facility, you have a lot of different chair options to choose from and it is important that you get this right. If you’ve decided to go with Scandinavian style, the Wishbone chair is maybe the safest choice for a variety of reasons. Made from wood, this seating option is a classic that perfectly balances amazing aesthetics and top-notch quality while complimenting your space and your dining table.

Tailored To You

We’ve grown as a business for many years, but our customers have grown as well. Bigger orders made us shift our focus towards not just individual buyers but also clients who own restaurants and have higher demands. Over the years we’ve developed special treatment for such customers, but also we adjusted our user experience to make your journey much more enjoyable.

Reach Us If You Need Help

Our dedicated B2B team is here to give you all the answers you need. Do not hesitate to reach them whenever you need any assistance. From general inquiries to problem solving situations, they stand at your service at all times.

Strong Logistics Infrastructure

Our KALLEVIG warehouses have an outstanding capacity of space which helps us organize and efficiently fulfill our orders in a timely manner. In addition to that, we have our facilities in various countries other than just the United States which helps us expand and improve the quality of our products.


Kinsley, Restaurant Owner

A new beginning in a new commercial location required us to equip our interior with a top notch seating option. We love that KALLEVIG always gives us great quality wishbone chairs for our fishing restaurant and amazing support overall.

Tom, Insurance Agency Co-Founder

Due to different circumstances we’ve recently introduced a collective work from home experience for all of our employees. Our company has been working successfully for many years and we didn’t want this to decrease our productivity and outstanding results.In order to provide our customers with first class comfort we needed a set of quality office chairs for their home space. KALLEVIG provided us with the best quality while being extremely polite and professional throughout the process. Many thanks.

Amy, Music Studio Partner

It is not easy to find great premium reproductions especially for a business space. KALLEVIG is definitely one of the brands with the best quality chairs. We filled our music studio with your chairs and our employees love it.

Sabrina, Coffee Shop Manager

Our newly established business is truly happy about our collaboration with KALLEVIG. Great quality of office chairs! KALLEVIG has a high standard when it comes to modern premium reproductions and delivers with their beautiful products.


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